Wednesday, 8 May 2013

£3.6 Million Of Permanent Improvements Underway At Goole's Carr Lane Pumping Station

Below is the full Press Release relating to the investment at Goole's Carr Lane Pumping Station

A £3.6 million project is underway to permanently increase the pumping capacity at Yorkshire Water's Carr Lane pumping station in Goole.

Two new storm assist pumps, which have a combined pumping capacity of 1400 litres a second, are being installed inside the plant, with the first of these already in place and currently undergoing rigorous testing.

The second of these will be installed later in the year, increasing the overall pumping capacity of the site by approximately 20%.

The two permanent pumps will replace the temporary ones which have been in place outside the plant since last September. These will be removed in phases, from the middle of May onwards, ensuring that the additional 20% pumping capacity is maintained at all times.

From September, work is also expected to begin on a second permanent underground storm main running 800 meters from the plant to the Humber Estuary.

This is expected to take 20 weeks to complete and will replace the temporary second storm main which was created last July.

Michael Ward, project manager for Yorkshire Water, said: "We promised to make permanent improvements to the plant's pumping capacity, and it's overall robustness, and that's exactly what we're doing through this £2 million project.

"The two additional storm assist pumps will boost the plant's overall pumping capacity by a fifth, whilst the introduction of a second permanent storm main will significantly boost the site's resilience and robustness.

"We'd like to thank local residents for all the patience they've shown so far, and reassure them we'll be doing everything we can to reduce disruption and noise whilst this vital improvement work is taking place."

The company has also confirmed that it's £275,000 study into the town's sewerage network is progressing well, with preliminary findings expected to be available to the public towards the end of the year.

The study is being carried out alongside East Riding of Yorkshire Council, who are currently investing £80,000 to understand how flood water moves on the surface and how Goole's drainage system interacts with surrounding agricultural land.

To build up a picture of just how Goole's sewer system responds under different weather conditions, Yorkshire Water has installed 85 flow monitors and more than a dozen depth gauges along its underground network.

The results and insights from this will help to accurately inform any potential future investment by all parties, ensuring any future improvements are made where they are most needed.

The company continues to fully support East Riding of Yorkshire Council with its report into the causes of flooding in Goole last July, with the report expected to be complete by mid-July.

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